Monday, 17 November 2014

Living with the Angels

Living with the Angels

I believe messages come in many different ways. It's not so much the words themselves but the feeling behind them which makes all the difference. I believe a 'silent' message can be much more empowering and therefore healing and set you back on the right track when necessary.

Feelings are not so much the icing on the cake but the corner stone of any message whether its from the Angels or from our loved ones.

When Spirit or the Angels come to call, they quite literally open a doorway into the higher dimensions. The doorway very much depends on the needs of that particular person at that time, but it is always loving and therefore healing as well as inspiring. Its amazing the way the energy shifts according to who's communicating.

Sometimes we need to know some-one's in our corner when we need them. Then there's nothing like feeling the comfort of Angelic wings enfolding us .  I, for one, have been known to shed a tear or two when that happens. 

When we feel vulnerable, we very often want to be told what to do but that isn't very often the best way forward and part of my work is to ensure that people take personal responsibility for their life.

The amazing thing is wordless messages can put you back in touch with your own inner knowing and that's the most important thing. After all Uncle Bert or Aunty Elsie may want to give you their advice, but if it wasn't right for you when they where here on earth, would it really be any different for you now.

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