Thursday, 3 April 2014

Archangel Azrael

Azreal - the Archangel of Transition to the Higher Life

Archangel Azreal - Changes

I lost a very good friend only a few weeks ago.  And no matter how much I know about Spiritualism and life hereafter, I still feel the physical loss as we all do. It is only natural. Loss creates a huge void. But Archangel Azrael's message is very special. He reminds us that Heaven and Earth aren't two separate things, but part of the same whole.  So that although we may no longer be living side by side with our loved ones here on Earth, they are thriving on 'the other side'. 

The magic is more and more people are becoming aware of the world of Spirit and you could be one of them. Even though you may no longer be able to communicate with your loved ones in the way that you did on the earth, they are living at a higher level of consciousness and will want to let you know they are okay. But our grieving and deep sense of loss can get in the way.

That's why I think the Angels are working flat out along with  Azrael's energy to reassure us that 'there is no death'..   His energy is wonderfully calming and peaceful and very easy to pick up.  So once we become calmer, its easier for the Spirit world to communicate with us.

In that calm, we will find a peace and deeper understanding of life, and know that our loved ones are just a whisper away.

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