Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Between Heaven and Earth

Metatron as he appears in Doreen Virtues Archangel Cards (Hay House)

Image my surprise when I discovered
my new Guide has a 
dual personality?

Imagine my surprise when I found out that my new Guide wasn't all that I thought he was.  To the contrary he was more than I could ever possibly imagine!

I realised I was working with another Guide after a workshop I ran down at Summertown, North Oxford called 'People, Pyramids and Spirit!'  Working with a new Guide is always magical, so I set about getting to know him a bit better through meditation.

When a new Guide comes forward, it usually means that your connection to the Spirit World has gone up a notch, and that you can expect some changes in the way you work. Never in a million years had I expected things to unfold in the way they did. And it took me a while to 'twig' what was going on....dah...but then that's me!

Now I should mention my new Guides name just happened to be Enoch. This is the same Enoch who went on to become Archangel Metatron, one of the few Archangels that had been a human to start with.  Its not that I am any different from anyone else, but that Metatron as an Archangel is drawing really close to assist the earth plane at the moment.

But, me being me, I really began to think I had lost the plot, so thought I had better ask the powers that be for clarification and this is what I got:-

You are working to create the best possible balance between Heaven and Earth.

As Enoch,
 I represent humanity, and the Earth plane.

As Metatron
 I represent the Angelic Kingdom and Source energy.

Put these two things together
and you have the perfect balance between Heaven and Earth.

All of humanity is working towards
creating the perfect balance
between Heaven and Earth right now.

Humanity is in the process of reclaiming 
this connection.

It resides in the heart of all humanity.

It is known as the Rainbow Warrior!

'The Light that has perfect balance between heaven and earth'

All Children of the earth carry this light within them!

Reclaiming your Inner Rainbow Warrior

Step One

Doreen Virtue's card above shows us how important it is to keep the 7 energy centres situated along the spine clear in our quest for perfect balance as we reclaim our own Warriorship

Each chakra is associated with one of the Rainbow Colours which added together become pure Light.

Root Chakra   Red - situated at the base of the Spine

Sacral Chakra - Orange - situated around the navel

Solar Plexus - Yellow - situated underneath the rib cage just above waist level

Heart - Green - at the level of your heart 

Throat - Turquoise Blue - at the throat

Third eye - Indigo - situated between the eyebrows

Crown Chakra - Violet - at top of head

Visualising the colours of each chakra along the spine helps achieve better balance and therefore a clearer connection with the realms of Spirit.  For mediums this exercise is known as sitting in the power.  As mediums we need to be able to maintain a steady, clear and yet gentle focus to make sure we get the entire thread of conversation from Spirit.  

But this is an exercise we can all do as individuals because it enhances our connection to our Intuition - the female aspect of ourSelves, which is coming back into its own as we dip further into this, the New Age of Aquarius.

Stay tuned to hear more!

Gillian Holland 2014 copyright


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and angelic wisdom!

  2. Really beautiful and very profound.