Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel - your reconnection to Source

2012 was just the beginning

  • Feeling physically underpar?
  • Nerves more than a bit jangled?
  • Seem to have lost direction in your life?

If you are anything like me, you probably thought that December 21st. 2012 was the end of the big build up we had all been experiencing. Chance would be a fine thing! As we now know, the momentum has been increasing every since that time, and continues to do so.  April is a particularly significant month, so if you've been feeling a little bit off balance and particularly sensitive to energy, this is the reason why.

It's not just us as individuals who find ourselves at a huge crossroads in our lives, but ALL OF US.  Our beautiful planet and all its inhabitants are poised to take a huge shift in consciousness as we deepen our understanding of our true essence.

If you are a student of White Eagle like I am and lots of the people I work with also are, you will have heard all about the six pointed star.  This is associated with our own heart chakra, but it is also associated with both the Heart of Heaven as well as the Heart of Mother Earth. This ancient symbol is also associated with the ancient wisdom 'as above, so below, as within, so without'. We are slowly beginning to reawaken to the fact that although we may seem separate individuals we are all joined through our own heart energy, both to the centre of the Universe, as much as the Heart of Mother Earth.  We are coming home to 'love'  This is not the conditionality 'I will love you if you do it my way!' but the purest Divine Love upon which the Sun, Moon and Stars are also created; 'we are returning to love.' 

Its all a bit like a giant tsunami, a wave so big that none of us will be able to resist it.  But isn't love, true love something we have all been searching for?  But I think we are all beginning to learn, most of us have been looking in all the wrong places.  True love, the light of love is written into the very fabric of our being, each and every one of us.  So, now is the time, when, as the ancient law states, it is time for us to go within, to reconnect with the love that is the abiding part of all of us. As the energy speeds up, now is the time to slow down and reflect what's going on and release the parts that are no longer serving you.

Archangel Gabriel works very closely with Mary, Queen of Angels to support and nurture us in times of change, so call in Gabriel to assist you at this time.

This is a channelled piece from Gabriel.  Hope it helps

This is the time of re-birth, and of brand new beginnings, unlike any the world has seen before.  These changes are based on equality and a totally new vision. Now is the time to realign to Source energy, the All That Is!

This is a time of release and of letting go of everything that has separated you from your true Home in the Heavens.  It is a time for celebration as the scales drop from your eyes and you begin to see through the illusion that has held you in fears dark spiral for centuries of time.

Now is the time to realise YOU are connected to all things and that YOU are all children of God, and that no-one is excluded from ITS LIGHT. 

Remember, you have never been separate from Source.  As the veil of separation that has cloaked the earth is eased back, now is to time to realise THAT WHICH YOU ARE and return to LIVE IN THE LIGHT OF LOVE.

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