Monday, 6 January 2014

The Only New Years Resolutions You Will Ever Need

There's just one new years resolution you are ever going to need
 - and that can really transform you life

Ever wondered why New Years Resolutions don't work?

If you really want to transform your life, there's just one resolution (or to be more precise AFFIRMATION or BELIEF) we need to stick to:- 

I deserve the very best'

Make 'I deserve the very best' your core resolution. Place it right at the heart of your life! And with this basic belief in mind, your resolutions should follow with much greater ease.

Let's face it most of us have a pretty poor track record when it comes to keeping up our new years resolutions. We usually flunk inside the first month and so I think its all down to the way we treat ourselves.

Light up your Life with Spirit, don't dampen yourself down

My blog is all about the way Spirit literally transforms and lights up your life. And yet what do we do? Close the door to Spirit, by filling our heads with much too much negative self-talk. I know from personal experience just how disheartening this is.  So much so that we are in grave danger of giving up, dampening our enthusiasm down and in effect becoming dis-spirited!

The road to self improvement isn't an easy one, but let me ask you a question, 'You do deserve the very best don't you?'

Next time you feel yourself straying.  Stop, take a deep breath and acknowledge 'you deserve the very best.' Pause in the moment, reflect on the decision that lead you to seek change. You had good reason. And yes, once again, 'you deserve the very best!' What inspired you to make this choice?

Light up your Life with Spirit, refuse to dampen yourself down.

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