Saturday, 28 December 2013

Vulnerability is life's great dare

quote from 'Daring Greatly' by Brene Brown

Upgrading your Life 

New Year is a great time to upgrade your life. Put quite simply you are worth it!

Make self-worth the starting point of your year.

How a simple change in attitude can make all the difference.

Have you put in for your upgrade yet? After Solstice and Christmas Day, we are poised for our next big adventure in a week, New Year's Day 2014. For a start, I really have no idea where 2013 went, just that I don't really want another year like it.  Nonetheless, I'm not too worried about the approaching year. Put quite simply, I am applying for an upgrade. 
             Applying for an upgrade is a slightly different take on your new years resolutions. Christmas is a time and great hope and promise of new beginnings. New Year is when we plant our hopes and dreams. But it's not just a question of papering over the cracks, it's about taking a long hard look at life, and upgrading our lives accordingly but without the normal recrimination and self- blame we heap on ourselves.
          I think that's a great way of looking at things, and personally I believe all of us deserve one after seeing out what has been, in borrow the words of our Queen Elizabeth, the annus horribilis to end all annus horribilises for an awful lot of us.

Going for an upgrade, signals we are ready to take the next evolutionary step or should I say leap, rather than sticking with the same old, same old and it means altering our approach. Its our attitude at the starting gate that's going to make all the difference. So let's get rid of the idea that we got it all wrong (yet again!) and replace it with another mantra,

 that we are all worthy of the very best in life. 
Yes that's the new and improved starting point.

Seeing my life as part of a journey made all the difference to me, especially when I started to take meditation more seriously. We start with a seed consciousness which unravels and continues to grow throughout our lives. We have everything we need at our finger tips to become the individuals we are meant to become.  In embryo we are already everything we need to be, like the acorn becoming the mighty oak.

To start with going for an upgrade means you start out from this somewhat different outlook. And this is it. 

You already have everything you need at your fingertips
to make a difference not just in your own life
 but in the lives of people around you if you choose.

If you think about it that Mighty Oak doesn't do half the struggling we do, it just gets on and grows.  It's just a question of altering the way you see yourself.

You have absolutely everything you need
to become the individual you are meant to become.
No half measures. Don't doubt yourself any more.
Give yourself permission to be YOU.
You deserve it.

         So let's get busy! At this stage in the game, its very easy just to toy with the idea, grab another glass or three and snuggle back down in the armchair AGAIN! But you are worth it, aren't you? What are you hiding from, you know you deserve the upgrade.

       Step One:

       The first step on the ladder is to get moving, prepare for the change we're looking for.  This means we need to create the space for our upgrade.   This is the signal Source and your Spirit have been waiting for 'You are serious!. Yes you finally sat up and paid attention.'
      So quite literally you may want to go for a tidy up.  Get rid of some of the stuff you have been hoarding for so long.  That includes all the Christmas wrapping paper of course, followed by taking down all the cards and decorations on twelfth night.  I always feel much better after a sort out
     AND then you may also want to tackle some of those negative thought patterns which have been holding you back. When you apply for your upgrade, you are really signally the Universe that you deserve the best. This is the core affirmation you need to tackle.

Step Two:

     Now think of all those life's experiences that have brought you to this moment in time. It's called the University of Life.  These are your credentials, your qualifications and your own personal degree. No-one can possibly have a degree in YOU apart from YOU. You are the world's greatest authority on YOU. No yes buts, or should haves.  You have all this wealth of experience spanning back over your  entire life- time, now tell me you don't deserve an upgrade. Of course you do! This is the starting point for all your subsequent work, 'you deserve the very best because you are worth it.'

   Tomorrow we will explore this concept a little bit further. In order to apply for an upgrade (especially to THEM upstairs, in other words -Spirit), we have to be willing to change and change can leave us   feeling a bit vulnerable.

Are you ready to take the next step? Then stay tuned, watch this space, and remember it's all about self-worth!!


  1. Love the energy in your post. And the answer is a resounding "Yes!" I am ready for my upgrade!

  2. Couldn't agree more, Gillian. Let's hope it will all happen in 2014!