Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Connecting to the Mysteries - workshop

Exciting news about this workshop

40 High Street,
Old Hemel Hempstead

Free Spaces Remaining


Wrapped in Angels Wings:
connecting to the MYSTERIES
Manifest your dream!

  • Connect to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary Queen of the Angels
  • Connect to your Higher Wisdom through the Angels. Understanding the energy of 6 pointed star more deeply
  • Move closer to your Soul's Purpose
  • Have you ever wondered why your dreams aren't manifesting as quickly as you had hoped?
  • Come along and you will find some of the answers in this workshop.

I am really excited having just come back from the Sanctuary at the Enchanted Oak Spiritual and Holistic Centre in the old High Street.   It's the separate building at the back of the shop.  It's a small and intimate space just right for our workshop on Saturday. Decorated in purple and beige, the energy is really so serene and welcoming.  As you open the door the image of the Buddha waiting to greet you adds to the wonderful ambience. I know Helen and Chris have put a lot of work in to manifest their vision for this centre.  I can't quite believe that my workshop 'Connecting to the Mysteries' will be the first ever in that space.

In this workshop we not only celebrate the coming of Spring, (Imbolc) but connected to Archangel Raphael as well as Mother Mary Queen of Angels.  You can take this workshop as a standalone to enhance your connection to Raphael or as an ongoing series, to enhance your connection to your Inner Wisdom
There'll be visualisations and mediations throughout the day.  Mp3 recording to listen to the tracks at home afterwards.
Book the last remaining spaces now

Look forward to seeing you then.  Don't miss out, book your space NOW

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