Thursday, 28 June 2012

Winds of Change

Being you is enough - but who are we?

Right to the core of the matter

I am whole perfect and complete - yes really!

I'm sitting by the window watching the trees dance with the breeze.  I love it. Finally the heavy grey clouds are lifting and shifting to make room for the sun.

The breeze, or the element of air, signifies change, and although we earthlings are a little uncomfortable with this one, I believe the earths consciousness is shifting to a higher level of awareness.  This of course creates a dis-ease, but leaves some space to ring in the new, once we trust and let go.

But change is a good thing because it leads us

to find out who we really are

Who am I?

When we shift consciousness, we need to alter the way we see ourselves, and this is exactly what is happening at the moment.  We, as a global community, are all being asked to take a second look at ourselves, and see who we really are!  Shifting this vision can make all the difference both in our own world and the world around us. We are spirit in a human uniform, and Spirit comes first!

 It certainly makes a difference
 to how and therefore what we attract into our lives.

Starting from the Heart:

My guides always tell me, 'we are all born from the heart of heaven'  This is where the template for this life time was created. This is sometimes known as your seed consciousness, or your divine purpose in this lifetime. Everything you need to know to complete your journey successfully is contained within this tiny seed as it commences its journey down towards the earth plane. Trouble is the energy is so dense down here that we tend to forget. 

When we forget our true essence we tend to live our lives from an entirely different perspective.  That is we feel as if we don't quite fit in anywhere. And very often live our lives in scarcity and survival mode, battening down the hatches trying to keep safe.

Its all about the way you see yourself

The way you see yourself
 and the thought  forms stemming from that understanding
form the bedrock of your existence.

These thoughts also determine
 your degreesof separation from Spirit,
your true essence

The first step on the Royal Road of Creation/manifestation

The very first step you need to take on the road of creation is to alter the way you see yourself. 
THIS MOVES MOUNTAINS.  You are whole perfect and complete (remember the seed) and are are part of creation.
Working with just this one belief
creates a ripple effect.


Development groups are called circles for a very good reason, because they are intended to create a sense of harmony and unity.  Not just between group members, but more important within your Self.
My own groups are asked to visualise a circle around the chair they are sitting on.  And then to see a dot in the centre of the circle.  That dot represents your seed consciousness, in other words you, in this particularly life time.  Look again and you will see a lot of space around you.  This is the space you GROW into as you walk your earth walk. Its yours and yours alone to cultivate.  It is also the space of Spirit, the divinity within, otherwise your Higher Self.   See first of all that you are not alone, you are surrounding and supporting by Source energy.  You can also take another step is you like and that is to see your own circle surrounded by the Angels and Higher Beings of light.  Your Guides are always here to support your journey andn will hold the energy to support you.

Spend some time working with this and
it will take you to another level of understanding
that leads you towards manifesting at a totally different level
one step nearer to creating the life of your dreams


The way you see yourself alters your ability to manifest.   You are okay just the way you are, and have chosen to embark on an extraordinary journey on this planet at an extraordinary time in its evolution. 

Please do let me have any comments on this, and good luck with your manifesting.


  1. Today I'm making the effort to see myself from this different standpoint. It may not be easy but I am going to give it a whirl. Stay tuned for the next edition of this blog to see how I get on, and how it effects what I can attract into my life via the Law of Attraction

  2. Changing your viewpoint really does slow the tempo down.