Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sparks! There's change and there's true change.

What's the difference between creation and manifestation?

A spark is the flame, force or energy initiating original ideas initiating true change. People are drawn quite naturally to a brightly shining flame, marvelling at its beauty.  We use candles in ceremony, and in churches for our loved ones. We marvel at the sun's life giving energy which is so freely given to our planet.  And right now the Olympic Flame is proudly being held  aloft as it processes around the UK in prepared for the 2012 Olympic Games. So what's the attraction of fire and how does it affect our ability to create true change and transformation? Each flame has a secret ingredient, Great Mystery. And this secret ingredient makes all the difference between creation and manifestation!

What's the difference between creation and manifestation?

Creation initiates true change, and comes from an original idea, inspiration or concept. True creation takes our knowledge to a new level of consciousness, and has the capacity to transform our lives.  Can you imagine what the world would have been like without fire , or without the wheel or the telephone?

Manifestation may bring something into form but won't create a higher level of consciousness and transformation.  There's a whole world of difference between manifesting a car or a new home, to creating the very first phone, aircraft or computer.  Where on earth did the spark of those ideas come from?

The answer is of course Great Mystery!

How do we bring Great Mystery into our lives?

Many people including great inventors and writers say they are inspired in dreams! Why is that? Simply because in the dream state we all naturally let go of control.  This transports us to a higher level of awareness, opening us up to true inspiration from Great Mystery and Spirit, which initiates true transformation for us as individuals as well as communally.

Times they are a changing!

Quite plainly current structures and institutions are creaking and groaning, and breaking down.  Many of us are looking for new and much more rewarding ways of being that create a greater sense of equality across our beautiful planet. Ways in which we live and work alongside Mother Earth rather than exhausting all her resources. How do we do this?

Collaboration rather than domination

I believe we are all being asked to work in harmony with Mother Nature once again, just as the ancients once did.  One of the defining moments for me travelling to the Yucatan was to see the great pyramid Il Castillo which dominates Chichen Itza. Its rather like a gigantic calendar and I've used it as a basis for my meditation practice every since. This pyramid has been one of my greatest teachers.  In common with lots of other ancient monuments ranged across the world it tracks the passage of the sun and moon across the heavens; the Mayans even knew all about the Venus transit, and points the way forward for each and every one of us.

Aligning with the sacred cycles of time:

When we align with the sacred cycles of time, Mother Nature and life's natural ebb and flow, we are aligning with our own higher purpose, and are open to the beauty magic and mystery of Great Mystery and the Spirit.  We can create true transformation and collaborate with one another rather than trying to dominate and divide.


Creating a new way of Being, means honouring the Divine Feminine as much as we honour the Divine Masculine.  In our tradition the Feminine is associated with the Moon.  Meditating with the energy of the Moon helps us realign with our Divine Purpose and create a new and much more satisfying way of living. A brand new vision based on our connection and respect for Mother Nature and the Feminine energy.

For the next six months I am offering a monthly full moon meditation running through to the end of the year which aims to help create change and transformation.The present moon cycle works directly with the Divine Spark.   The first one of these in on Tuesday 12th. June and there are still one or two places left if you would like to attend. Please contact me for further details.

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