Friday, 11 October 2013

Peace and Prosperity

Follow life's natural ebb and flow - light up your life with Spirit

I learned a very important lesson on our Spanish holiday. Go with the natural flow!We flew back home last Friday after a wonderful week on the Costa Blanca.  I choose late September, early October, because it should have been a bit cooler.  Boy I got that wrong.  At one point it was over 100 degrees.  Nonetheless we had a whale of an adventure and 'went Spanish' taking time out to siesta back at our apartment, before going out again in the evening. In fact that was part of the magic of the trip.We had some hilarious times trying to make ourselves understood in pigeon Spanish, but the one thing we did learn was how crazy they think we are to even consider going out in the midday sun.  They certainly got that right! It didn't take us long before we too were hurrying over to the shadier side of the street or walking in the shade of the market stalls in both Almoradi and Guardamar or even heading for what little shade we could muster on the magnificent beach. Whilst at Playa Flamenca we sat under the veranda of the local restaurant, eating our socks off and just gazing out at the magnificent sea-scape; relaxing.

One thing I always teach is how important it is to go with the natural flow of life. When we push against life's natural rhythm, it can get very uncomfortable (or in terms of our Spanish trip badly sunburned and suffering from heat exhaustion)Generally speaking,life has a nasty habit of throwing up things we would rather not have to cope with.. It's not good going into denial we have to tackle what's right there in front of us. This includes the natural elements, the sun, the moon, as well as the cycles and seasons.  So people learn to adapt their lives to suit the conditions they live in (except of course if you hale from the sun-starved UK and can't wait to get out there).

We need to adapt ourselves to the various seasons. Today its really blustery and cold as we head into the darker, colder months of the year. Put very simple, I wouldn't dream of venturing outside in the flimsy clothes I wore just a week again in Spain. Already, the beautiful trees at the back of my garden are being driven backward and forward by crazy gusts of wind. For us in the northern hemisphere it's a time of letting go as we watch with inevitable sadness as trees are left bare, and flowers lose their bloom, the heating goes on and we have to adapt our lives accordingly. And you could also say its a time to prepare the soil for next year.

My workshop on Saturday 2nd. November is the second in the series  Wrapped in Angels Wings and is subtitled Peace and Prosperity. It strengthens our connection with both Archangel Raphael and Mary Queen of Angels, and encourages us to turn our attention within as the evenings lengthen.  In this way we learn to accept life as it comes.

Using meditation and visualisation we look at the wonder and mystery of life, and help us reclaim our innate wisdom,understanding just how important it is to get the balance right in our own lives.We see that the death is not an ending but a natural part of living and explore simple sacred geometry and its relevance to the root chakra. When we truly embrace change we take an evolutionary step forward in our spiritual awareness. The exercises will be recorded on MP3 and are made available to do after the workshop. The class is limited to 10 people for your comfort and personal attention. (6 spaces are already booked)
Early bird price £30 until 14th October, and thereafter £38.

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