Monday, 28 October 2013

A new sense of self

How do you light up your life with Spirit?

I am a fan of sacred geometry. Especially the shapes that are encoded in the pyramids both of Mexico and Egypt. The pyramid brims full of layer after layer of esoteric knowledge and wisdom. It takes years of patient study, contemplation and meditation to unravel.

There are two very distinct aspects of ourSELF, the Higher Self as well as the Lower or ego personality self. ....and to stay in perfect balance and harmony we need both of them. The lower self is designed to deal with the rigours of the external world but we also have to reconnect to the Higher Self on a regular basis to maintain that balance. That means we have to release ego's need to be in the driving seat, and just let go and enjoy the ride. Although life can be really heavy duty we all need to have our ration of fun and laughter, and that comes through remembering who we are and allowing yourself to be childlike and carefree again.

We may no longer be children but we always remain sons and daughters of the Sun.  Ancient cultures say that the Sun is our Father and the Earth is our Mother and we are all children of the Sun. (Sun is a term that the indigenous and particularly the Mayans used to described Source and the Creator energy.  Quite apart from anything else, without the sun's rich and energising energy we just wouldn't exist).

Letting go and letting Spirit take up the reins in our life is certainly the way to go and our children and grandchildren are full of Spirit.  They can certainly show us the way and help us remember our true essence as well.  They don't have a problem having fun communicating with the world about them.

I had a whale of a time at Quainton Railway Museum yesterday with the grandchildren.  I have always loved steam trains, but just the smell of steam was enough to set me off on a nostalgia trail:  remembering huge trains chuff under the bridge at Gypsy Lane through grey puffs of smoke with my grandmother whilst I waved excitedly at the driver.

I swear I spent more time waving at the passengers on the trains than my grandson did.  Actually when I come to think about it, it was the adults who were doing most of the waving back at me!!  I very often think being with our children and grandchildren gives us permission to get down and have some fun.  I know I certainly did and do. I finished the day feeling really energised, tired yes physically but mentally really energised and alert.

As we grow older, we become bogged down with all sorts of heavy duty responsibility. There's so much to cram into an already over jam-packed day, we very often lose our sense of playfulness.  Being with children allows us to be more spontaneous, have fun and in this case took me back to the days when my life was much more carefree. Children really know how to light up our lives and they sure have plenty of Spirit.

In the Northern Hemisphere, this is a time when our nights get both colder and darker.  If you like harvest has already been gathered and what was once green fertile fields and meadows are stark brown now in comparison. There's nothing us mere mortals can do about it, the sun's already begun its journey back towards the southern hemisphere. This is a time when we let go and let Spirit be our Guide.  Its a time of releasing what no longer serves us, so that we can begin our new year with real hope, and inspiration with Spirits Guidance. Watch the way waves reach up towards the heavens before crashing down back into the ocean. Everything moves in waves and cycles, and so we need to trust life's natural rhythms.  This is a time to celebrate the sun's natural ebb and flow because it brings in new life, and we all quite naturally are looking forward to brighter clearer days next year.

My workshop this Saturday 2nd. November looks at our need just to let go and have a bit of fun, to trust the process of life, and to trust that our Divine Parents are really looking after us. That puts a different spin on dying doesn't it, especially when we look at the seasons of the year. This is a time to celebrate.
First we will be joined by Archangel Raphael and then by Mary Queen of Angels.  Their energy over-lights the day. My workshops are all individuals tailored both to the prevailing energy of the day as well as the needs of the participants so that we gently unfold step by step towards our path of enlightenment.  Each individual receives an Mp3 of the days meditations and visualisation.  It's a day when you will hopefully remember your true essence unconditional love.

There are just a couple of spaces left.  Spaces are strictly limited to just ten for your personal comfort and attention.  Please bring a packed lunch, a packet of seeds, a notebook and a blanket for the exercises.  Please do contact me if you feel called to join us.


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  1. Thank you for your insights so relevant to this time of year, Gillian. I have a deeper understanding as to why I am being called to substitute teach on occasion despite the fact that I am officially "retired." For one who is not yet a a member of the Grandparent Club, I know now that I am drawn to children for their energy, inspiration and innocent wisdom.