Monday, 24 June 2013

Living in the Light -

The Rose a beautiful symbol for meditation at  Solstice  symbolising

Life has its own natural ebb and flow; summer brings light, winter darkness, and day follows night.  Mid June is the time of the year when the sun reaches its zenith at Summer Solstice before journeying back over the equator to usher in the darkest night of the year on 21st. December, (Northern Hemisphere) or Winter Solstice.  Then, this grand cycle, we associate with the sun begins all over again.

Yet, how many of us are equally aware that a similar process also happens each month with the waxing and waning of the moon.  Rather than evolving over a 365/6 day period, these moon cycles occur every 28 days with the new moon and then the full moon. When we work with these sacred cycles, both conscious (the sun) and the moon (unconscious) we can achieve a greater sense of harmony within ourselves, and achieve our goals much more readily.

The power of the unconscious mind

The unconscious mind can work against us.  Even though we want to create a better life, we all have an inner saboteur, who very often halts us in our tracks. It lives in our unconscious mind and is a reworking of old patterns and fears that have shaped our lives as we grew up and also at other major times in our lives.

The full moon each month taps into some of our unconscious programming and can create an outpouring of frustration and emotions. Lots of people notice this in themselves as well as other people around them, but don't do anything active to alter it. They just battle on.  But we can take this energy and put it to good use by transforming the thought processes and old patterns that have created then in the first place. Meditation and contemplation are good ways to do this.

The full moon in Capricorn

Each lunar month is dedicated to a different aspect of our Selves which is related to the Zodiac. This month's topic, when the sun is at its highest point in the heavens here in the northern hemisphere, is self-care.  This month's full month in Capricorn, is also related to the sun sign very often associated with mothering, Cancer. Self-care can be very difficult for spiritually minded people, but its really important to create a balance between our own needs and those of the world around us. Each month we are given the opportunity to learn just a little more about ourselves as well, and some of the hidden talents of resources we have had tucked away in our unconscious minds for ages.

Archangel Jophiel and Archangel Gabriel

Jophiel is associated with beauty in all its forms in the world about us, but particularly nature.  She is also associated with sacred space.  Archangel Gabriel on the other hand is associated with birthing and mothering and Mary who is Queen of all Angels.

White Eagle talks about Jophiel cutting back unwanted branches so that our shrubs, trees and plants will be able to grow more vigorously rather than lose their strength in a wild tangle.  This is also true for us.  Most people I know at the moment, are dashing around meeting themselves coming back in the other direction. It's important to step back and reassess our actions so that we in our turn remain strong and healthy and have the vitality to achieve our hearts desire, not by bashing our way through but by working more gently in alignment with these lunar cycles.

Taking a good hard look

The first thing to do is take a long hard look at where you may be draining yourselves by doing too much, feeling obliged to do certain things that no longer make your heart sing, This means feeling overwhelmed by sudden rushes of frustration or emotion that you find difficult to control. Try not to act on these impulses but reflect on them.  Your feelings could well be heightened by the moons energy but you can use this knowledge in a positive way, by stepping back.  This is already a move in the right direction, because you are giving yourself the space to connect to Spirit. Therefore, you could even call it an act of power, because you are beginning to see 'the light' of Spirit's inspiration.

Self Care means feeling good about yourself, as well as nourishing yourself mentally with positive affirmations, emotionally with loving attention and physically by taking enough rest, exercise and eating the right foods for your needs. It also means seeking out areas in your life where your thoughts, feelings and actions could be a bit more detrimental to your well being. The minute you stop reacting you begin to feel much better about yourself.

Self Care means getting the work/life balance right. That's a tough one, but when we take a step back from the hurly burly of our day to day lives, we are one step closer to Spirit, and one step closer to achieving our Hearts Desire.  Aren't you worth it?

Gillian runs a monthly full moon meditation group from her home in Hemel Hempstead.  If you are interested and have any further queries please do contact her

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  1. We had a beautiful meditation last night based on these principles. The silence related to Solstice was quite something, as was the sense of being help and supported by Spirit. There's another group this evening at my home and I am really looking forward to it.