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Healing Hands

Healing Hands

A special article featuring healer Janet Butler, who gave medium Derek Acorah a helping hand

Janet Butler and Derek Acorah at Derek's latest fan club gathering

I first met Janet Butler as the medium's secretary at Garston Brotherhood of Spiritualist's Church, First Avenue, Garston, Watford.  At the time, I didn't know she was a powerful healer in her own right.  A real fan of Derek Acorah, she's been going along to his gatherings for quite a while, but had no idea she would be called up on stage to give healing at one of Derek's events after giving him some very effective healing herself. 

'Janet Butler is an accomplished healer and is a registered member of The Home Counties Association of Spiritual Healers. She has recently set up her own healing centre in Croxley Green, Herts.  I will let Janet tell her story in her own words.

'I was at Derek Acorahs fan club get together, in September 2012. It's usually held once a year.Derek arrived in the afternoon in a wheelchair. The night before, he had had a nasty fall in 
his garden and had fallen badly on his hip. Unfortunately, he was still in agony; you only had to see the 
expression on his face. 
I had given Derek healing before so he was very pleased to see me, and asked if I would be able to give him some more then.He had trouble getting out of his wheelchair. I stayed with him for about half an hour and asked my guide to help as I always do. However, Derek said  the hip still felt so hot,uncomfortable and very painful. 

After our evening meal and drinks, the fan club members were asking for  
photos of Derek and asking him if he could stand up. Although he did, you could see it was still very difficult for him.. At that time he asked me if I would do more healing the next morning before we 
all went home. Of course I said I would do all I could to help. 

After breakfast,on Sunday, I gave Derek more healing for around forty minutes concentrating on his hip. He said it felt great. After that we sat having coffee and all of a sudden I heard spirit say to me”Tell Derek to get 
up and walk
Trusting what I heard I told him and he said,'Ok Janet, I trust you.' With that he stood up and walked across the room. The pain had disappeared. My mouth was wide open and the tears were streaming  down my face in amazement. He was so grateful and thanked me so much. Healing really does work. Derek's back is great to this day. 

At one of his shows in November, Derek mentioned just how powerful healing could be, and then got me to stand up.  Later on, he was giving a message to a young man in the audience who was in a lot of pain and discomfort, and asked me to give him healing while he got on with the rest of the show. The young man was so grateful as he had never had healing before, and it really helped him.  

I have spoken to Derek and he has given his blessing to me writing this article. He had no hesitation at all.  

I saw Derek the whole of this weekend and asked if he had any reoccurrence of his back pain and he said not even a twinge. 
I just thank spirit every day for giving me the gift of healing and being able to help people in need.'  Contact Janet on 07917724379  Her healing centre meets in Croxley Green on Tuesdays 7.15 - 9p.m. Her first evening of clairvoyance is on Saturday 13th. July.


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