Tuesday, 14 May 2013

What a hectic life we lead

What a hectic life we lead - time to relax me thinks

How a positive mind set makes all the difference
I haven't met anyone who isn't just plain rushed off their feet these days
 but our attitude to life and our connection to Spirit can make all the difference to our experience.
My goodness, its been a power packed few days.  I spent the entire time working for Spirit, which is always quite special.  On Friday I worked at Hitchin Spiritualist Church (Whinbush Road), Saturday at Joan Hollicks Marlowes Centre giving readings, and on Sunday morning at Garston Spiritualist Church (First Avenue). AND last night was my regular meditation evening at Welwyn Garden City Church (Marsden Green).
This evening I am doing an Evening of Clairvoyance at Cotterells Club, Hemel Hempstead 8-10p.m. with Jo Stone. And it doesn't end there. 
In my experience things come in fits and starts for us all. It is so easy to get stuck in and end up frazzled.  So what can we do when we have lots to do?  The answer is quite simple: keep enhancing your contact with Spirit and stay positive. Affirm your connection to Spirit, meditate if you have a moment, eh on second thoughts meditate even if you don't have a moment, it will make all the difference. A positive relationship with the indwelling spirit does make all the difference., and somehow even though your time may be limited, your attitude will shift and you will be given all the inspiration you need from Spirit to see you through.  Here's a wonderful piece of music that instantly shifts me into a different space and acts a bit like a meditation.


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