Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Frequently asked questions - The Importance of an Open Mind

 Sometimes a session  might not go in quite the way you might hope.

People are always anxious to know whether their loved ones and friends are doing okay on the other side of life, so here are a couple of questions that sometimes get asked:
Q: If I don't hear from someone does that mean there's something wrong?
A: No, there's nothing wrong.  But sometimes people on this side of life are very focused on communicating with one person in particular.  This is understandable of course, especially if its a recent passing. But it doesn't help the communicator (Spirit) or the medium trying to make the link.  It creates a lot of emotion that makes the connection more difficult. 
The answer is to relax and be as open as possible to who ever wishes to come through.  Maybe put up a little prayer before you come out and then just relax and try to enjoy the evening.  If its meant to happen it will happen.
Sometimes your loved one may just need to learn the mechanics of spirit communication from the other side of life, so they use another relative or friend who's been across for a while to make the first link. Remember they can communicate in a number of ways.  This is another reason not to be too focused on one person. 
People who lose their lives in this way are unwell, just as much as anyone who has a physical condition.  They are most certainly not condemned, and will be given healing.
Spirit always works on a love vibration.  

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