Monday, 23 January 2012

Meditation for Manifesting your Hearts Desire

Meditation is a wonderful way to create your hearts desire.

Meditation is a wonderful way of creating your heart's desire,
 and aligning with your Divine Purpose.
Each day has its own signature energy and is headed by a particular angel.
So daily meditations with each angel will help the process of manifestation

Monday is a springboard into the week ahead.
Meditation makes all the different to the day ahead. Each day has a slightly different energy as we progress through the week. So we can use this knowledge to manifest our heart's desire. Think of Monday as your springboard into the week. There's always so much to be done, and so little time to do it.
When you meditate each day, you retain your alignment with Source

 It's all about your connection to Spirit, the Source of your Being.  When you are aligned with Spirit, then the world can open out in front of you.When we start each day with a meditation,  we  can achieve the highest possible outcome because we connect to spirit .Life becomes less of a struggle, and our days can be filled with lots of inspiration. Remember if we ask the answer will always be given, although maybe not quite in the way we might expect. Each day of the week has a slightly different energy, so each day can bring us a step closer to manifesting our potential.

Begin your day by assessing what you would like to achieve.  Spend as much time as you possibly can on this stage. This becomes the 'seed' (of consciousness) that you would be working on until it achieves fruition.

Preparing for meditation:

  1. Find a quiet space at home, somewhere you won't be disturbed.  Make sure you have unplugged your phone and anything else that might disturb you in the middle of your work.
  2. Make sure you are warm enough, and are sitting upright in a chair, with feet firmly on the ground rather than crossed, sinced this restricts your flow of energy.

  1. Close your eyes.  Begin by observing your breath.  Allow it to slow down of its own accord.  So don't try to alter it.  Relax.  Let go and let spirit.
  2. Imagine hold your 'seed' in your hands.  Become aware of the sun shining bright over head, filling the seed with life force energy as well as your intention to create your hearts desire.
  3. See your seed being planted in the soil.
  4. Watch as its roots dig deep down into the soil searching for further nourishment.  At the same time others are being drawn towards the surface by the sun's warmth
  5. Become aware that your seed is growing into a tall firm tree full of wisdom.  It's nourished by the warmth of the sun as well as the soil, and each of the elements, earth, air, fire and water.  As you follow earths natural seasons you continue to grow in the light.
  6. Allow your leaves to open to the light of the sun and to bear both flower and fruit. Acknowlege that every thing has unfolded in its proper order.  Enjoy the peace and the stillness.
  7. After severl moments its time to come back into day to day consciousness, this time using the breath to bring you back into the room, aware of the chair you are sitting on and the beautiful space you have created.
  8. Feel your feet firmly on the floor, open your eyes and acknowledge the deep sense of peace that meditation brings.
  9. Be open to seeing your dream flourish and progress as you are given inspirations to help you on the way.
  10. Each day work to creaft your seed into form depending on the inspiration and direction you have received from Spirit.
Hope you enjoy this meditation.  Contact me on for an audio version of this process(its free)  I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Warm Wishes

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