Thursday, 1 September 2016

Are you feeling the squeeze?  ...Don't worry, its your Spirit urging you to stretch

Are you feeling the squeeze?

 Your Spirit's urging you to grow, 

but reminding you 'you will never walk alone, even on your darkest night.

Close your eyes and think of me

And soon I will be there
To brighten up even your darkest night

Just call out my name:
lyrics James Taylor

Have you been feeling the squeeze?  Perhaps you're feeling completely stuck, a bit like a square peg stuffed into a round hole? Or are you unable to see even the tiniest chink of light at the end of the tunnel? Then this is the time to let Spirit Light up your Life and move you gently forward into the light of a brand new day!

The good news is, even though we may be stuck in the darkest recesses of struggle,we are never truly alone. Spirit always walks by our side.  

I've certainly been feeling the squeeze over the last few weeks, and for me squeezes and birthdays go hand in hand.

Another birthday - another dream - another squeeze!

The clues is in the word birthday!  It is, of course, the chance to celebrate another wonderful year on Planet Earth but it's also an opportunity to give birth to another chapter in our lives. That's right give birth! 

Believe it or not, 
The squeeze is really on our side,
painful though it may seem
at the time.

It's really a message from Spirit 
inviting us
to take a gigantic step forward
into the

to boldly go where you certainly haven't been before,

.. to 
but not as you have previously know it 
by staying in touch with life's natural rhythms.

and go on creating.

My own birthday squeeze

I have just celebrated another birthday. As each birthday approaches I have what I call a big dream, which means my Soul is asking me to step up to the plate yet again, and stretch a little bit more. This year's dream was all about Coronation Street, and a hidden car which suddenly bursts into life, festooned with wide awake smiley flowers in all colours, shapes and sizes! Where the heck do I start with that one, especially when I am right slap bang in the middle of a writing course aiming to get the first draft of my book complete by the end of September?

This year my birthday seems to have been accompanied by all kinds of cosmic going's on that are still rattling around the Universe, and shaking me up too. The full moon fell on my birthday, along with the dream. All this was accompanied by an eclipse and that was just for starters. And then there's the new moon by another eclipse. Eeeeek, and they do say, we signed up for all this before we came to Earth!  Really? I'm a willing worker, but I don't mind telling you I got a bit stuck. I knew the dream has something to do with the book because the writing just stopped flowing. But beyond that I felt really stuck in the Mother of all Writing Blocks. But dear Lord, do I really have to start again from scratch?

The Light at the End of the Tunnel - the first step

The first step in the creation process is perhaps one of the most difficult steps to take, when we feel we have lost our way

In our deepest, darkest moments,
we tend to forget who we are!

We are part of the wave of creation 
we call LIFE,
not separate from it.

We are all born to create!

That wave is crafted from Light,
which is turn is created
in Love.

We need to
look our fears straight in the eye,
dive in at the deep end,
trust the process
which simply cannot be anything other than LOVING & COMPASSIONATE,
because that is who we are.

So when we feel the squeeze, we are really being asked to embrace the next stage of our lives.  Light is not just at the end of the tunnel,( but as the song goes,) 'Love is all around!'

Now once we remember,  we are all born to create in the Light of Love, the world opens up  in a number of miraculous ways and the Universe starts to shares some of its beautiful gifts with us. Then we know beyond any shadow of those haunting doubts,, we are not alone.

This is a song we all sang along with Lucinda Drayton at the Peace in the Park event outside Oxford over Bank Holiday weekend...and since coincidences are also part of life's magic it's the same song that popped up at church for the very first time, sung by Carol King. It was the nudge I needed to remind me who I am! 

I don't say I have all the answers just yet, but the song is a sharp reminder that Spirit can 'brighten up even the darkest night',.

The Song: Carole King...Just Call Out My Name

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