Sunday, 17 July 2016

Free Fall - life's a trapeze


Life's a bit like a trapeze isn't it? It's not so much the trapeze, more the bit in-between the two of them that's the problem and how we see that space!

There's hardly been a day, when life hasn't taken yet another sudden twist and sometimes very ugly turn! It feels like the world is in free fall, and no-one knows what's going to happen next. We seem to be suspended in between two trapezes!

As a small child, I used to love watching people swing between them.  How thrilling it was, especially the moment when the artiste lets go, turning and twisting into nothingness! You know the point where she's suspended in mid-air.

I remember my sharp intake of breath; we all gasped.. The suspense was quite something, almost like we were all hanging alongside her in mid-air. But do you know what? Some-how we never doubted the outcome! And it was always positive! We just knew she's reach out safely and connect with the second trapeze just at the right moment.

 I think that's an important lesson right now!

The world seems to be in that in-between state right at this moment! A lot of what we took for granted is being swept right out from under our feet. Where's the security?  It seems like there's nothing to hang onto as we go into free-fall.

Fear snaps at our heels and we can either give in to it, scurrying for cover, or we can face it head on trusting that, although this is scary stuff we can do it! We are all in this together.  Yes we are all very different people.  We all have our hopes and dreams.  In the final analysis we all want the same thing, we all want Peace and Harmony.  We all want to feel free enough to express ourselves, and to live in the light of love rather than overshadowed by fear walking on egg shells at the time. We all have something to contribute to the whole wide whole, not just one tiny frenzied faction of it.

As adults life has sometimes lost its magic: our glass seems very often half empty and very cloudy, rather than half full. So today I am going to make an effort to go back to that timeless space when even though our trapeze artist was poised between life and death, I never doubted she's come good in the end. I know I have the ability to come good!  I know we all have the ability to come good!

So yes the world is very much in an in-between two worlds, but it is the way we see  this time that's going to make all the difference. We are all full of infinite potential.  We all have the ability to come good, not by pretending its not happening but by addressing the problem.We can either propel ourselves into a much brighter future or scurry back to our bunkers for yet more of the same. 

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