Thursday, 2 June 2016

You, too, are a part of the natural world

The magic of each season sings through YOU
We are all a part of the natural world,
 rather than separate from it.

Our loved ones whisper words of encouragement and loving support from the other side of life.  They too are a part of the rich tapestry called life, even though now invisible to most eyes.

We are all a part of the natural world, rather than separate from it.  The magic of each season plays through us just as it still plays through our loved ones on the other side of life.  Each season sings its own song, and each song is part of a symphony or huge wave we call LIFE. We are not passive onlookers, but dancers surrendering to the beat.

We, too, like the flower kingdom grow from the tiniest of shoots into a riot of bold colour and then are moulded into delicious, succulent fruits by life itself. The fruits we bear, in our turn, contain seeds for generations yet to come.

Seeds are our connection to the future but are also rooted in the past.  They are fuelled by our loved ones, just as the seeds we leave behind will fuel generations to come.  Our ancestors remain our inspiration.  Our loved ones whisper encouragement and loving support urging us to keep on moving and to break free 

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  1. Your words are so comforting Gillian, we must keep a gentle relationship with the natural world and feel the guidance from those we love but are no longer here. It is so easy to be drowned in waves of technology and material greed, but perhaps without the spiritual, these things lose their magic. Thank you for your words of wisdom. xxx