Monday, 2 March 2015

In the middle of the night....get writing.

In the middle of the night......get writing

In the middle of the night......get writing

I see I am not the only one to be writing in the middle of the night.  I am in very good company it seems, Neal Donald Walsch (who wrote Conversations with God) and Dr. Wayne Dyer to name just two.

It's been this way for me since before Christmas.  First I just couldn't sleep and decided to get up and put something down in the journal.  Now its the other way round,  I know I am being woken up to do some writing and that writing's guiding me forward.

To begin with, my daytime thoughts kept racing around my head in the middle of the night, so I used my journal to get it all down on paper, feelings and all. I began to realise my cup was usually half empty, rather than full.  Getting it all out on paper was bliss, and suddenly I started to sleep better....and then my writing took another turn! 

Warts did have to come out first though.. Thoughts I hadn't quite dared to think, let alone say in the broad light of day were suddenly paraded across the paper, and it felt really good. And I felt much more alive. I began to realise that everything I needed to say was precious, and indeed vital to my well being.  I needed to give myself permission to be me.

Stage Two brought the knowing that I was being woken up in order to write.  Now my writing took another turn, and words of wisdom began tumbling out onto the page...words that I found really inspiring....words that actually were a healing in themselves....The tone of my writing had changed completely from an resentful undertone, to one in which each word seemed to be crafted in Love.

I believe we all have a wisdom to share, and now is the time to share it. My Guides tell me I have spent too much time trying to be a quart in a pint pot.  That goes for all of us.  We are all trying to hide conform and to fit in, when actually we all need to break out of the mould that's been suffocating us all for so long. How can we be passionate about life and living when we are trying desperately hide to conform to everyone else's expectations? How can we be passionate about life when we pussyfoot around what we need to say?  Football just isn't my favourite game, but it could be yours. So enjoy it.  Yell from the terraces, make yourself seen, make yourself heard, because that is what  we are all born to do.

Writing in the night therefore is a night safe place to start, and as you gain confidence maybe you will want to share a bit more of your passion and your wisdom with the is waiting you know.

Gillian Holland 2015

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