Monday, 29 December 2014

Celebrate Life

Life is a 'school of hard knocks'
especially when we lose someone or something we hold dear.
 This article explores the best way to handle the gaping hole that opens up when that happens.

For Peter and Margaret 2014

Another look at Life

Christmas is a time of New Beginnings and of Celebration here on earth, but it's also a time when many people leave the planet. Loss of someone close or even something you hold dear is never easy, but an especially hard knock during the festive season.  This year I have also lost two very good and much cherished friends, although as a medium, I have no doubts that they live on. But we too have to learn to 'live on', or to thrive rather than just survive in the shadow of that loss.

I believe our loved ones are quite literally 're-born' into a 'Higher Life'; one that doesn't need a physical body, and that they can communicate through a medium like me to give proof of survival. No-one wants to have their loved ones suffer any longer than necessary so I am always happy to celebrate their lives and wish them well on their journey. And I have no doubt that once they  reach the other side of life, they quickly thrive in their new surroundings, and come back to proclaim it loud and clear. But what about us, the ones that are left behind? How can we learn to thrive rather than exist in the shadows of our own lives. After all, death is one of the biggest taboos here in western society even before it comes to call on each of us. How can we learn to thrive rather than merely survive when our lives have been touched by its shadow?

Life just doesn't go on as normal of course. It can't do, the person or thing we care most about is no longer with us.  So not only are our loved ones beginning a new journey, 'on the other side of life' (where they are healed and supported by the Spirit World as they get to know the place), we are also on a journey as well, and it's important we acknowledge it.


They call it a transition. Our loved ones make the transition into the Higher Life but we make a transition too even though we hang around on earth for at least a while longer The transition is a step by step process during which we ease ourselves into our new lives. It involves coming to terms with all the emotions, doubts and fear that have been stirred up as we get to grips with our loss.

In short it involves taking a long hard look at the gap rather than trying to shy away from it, and cracking our beliefs about death wide open.

Death as a process

And when we dare to face our fears an amazing thing happen; a whole new way of life opens up. As one door closes in Life, another one really does open (into a Higher Life). We can't just gloss over the gap and pretend it's not there; it's a stairway meant to be climbed one step at a time until you reach the top of your own personal mountain, and life will never be the same again. Life and Death are just different sides to the same coin....and the gap is your passport to a deeper understanding of death as an ongoing part of the natural process of life, rather than a door being slammed shut in your face. 
We really can't die.
There is no such thing as death.
Death is a process,
 a gradual letting go into a higher state of awareness
It isn't a once off happening.
But something that continues 
in one way or another throughout our lives.
It's rehearsal for the big one
when we can finally let go of our physical body
onto the next rung of existence.

* PS 
As a medium, I believe the greatest gift we can give our clients is the gift of hope, and the opportunity to look at life from a different perspective.  Whilst it doesn't deaden the pain of that loss, it does opening up an avenue of hope and a deeper understanding of life.

Gillian Holland December 2014

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