Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Blue Moon in Aquarius 2013

Blue Moon in Aquarius 2013

I'm sitting up stairs in the bedroom watching the full moon hang in the sky.  Its surrounded by a rainbow circle.  At first I thought it was my dodgy eye, so I covered it up and looked through the good one. But the rainbow was still there. Magnificent.

Have you noticed that more and more people are tuning into the moon's magic? ..And a great deal of interest has been created because this full moon is another Blue Moon.  This means that this is the second full moon in the lunar cycle, which is most unusual.  Still, we are living in strange and yet truly exciting times.  

In bygone times people looked to the sky for signs from the heavens.  We may not quite think in the same way these days but more and more people are looking up into the heavens in awe of its natural beauty. They are also beginning to live more in tune with life's natural cycles; the seasons for example, celebrating the turn of the seasons, the solstices and the equinoxes as well as the lunar cycles.  

A lot more people are willing to create new projects in harmony with the moons energy, and release what no longer serves them.  A heck of a lot of people already plant and tend their gardens and allotments in attunement with the moon.

The moon's radiating such a peaceful energy this evening. As you absorb its radiance, see what it has to say to you.  Don't search for words, work with your senses. The moon's energy is soft and feminine working with the subconscious mind.  It takes you beyond words into the realms of your intuition. Relax your body, so that you can listen to its whispers. Allow that peace to fill your entire body; calming the emotions, relaxing your physical body, releasing any tensions you may be hanging onto.What would bring greater peace and harmony into your own life?  What do you think is standing in the way of your further progress of the pathway of life? Can you let that go to create some space to ring in the new?

Let peace of mind be the foundation of your message. My message is perfectly simple,
'You're fine just the way you are. 
 You have nothing to prove. 
What's the moon's message for you this evening?

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  1. Wonderful, Gillian. Waiting for the Blue Moon to appear in the sky on this side of the world. I will now be able to perceive it with new vision. Thank you!