Monday, 8 July 2013

Connecting to Mother Nature -Silence is Golden

New Moon in Cancer: 

Soaking up the Silence is just as important as Soaking up the Sun

I wonder how many of you have been craving some R & R by the water. Most of us love water, but why now especially? A fortnight ago I was blogging about the Super Full Moon in Capricorn, as the sun peaked here in the northern hemisphere. Now it's the turn of the new moon in Cancer.  It's a very intuitive sign associated with self-care,nurturing, the emotional body as well as the element of water. Why not take time out for yourself and really tune into your own needs, rather than letting the world tell you what you need?

Meditation and the Silence:

One way to do this is to go into what is called the Silence through the process of meditation. Meditation helps us contact our indwelling Spirit. It also helps you connect with higher less turbulent emotions such as peace, harmony and joy; the foundation of the Universe. You could call this a seed consciousness, or a divine template for the unfoldment of your life's purpose.

Sometimes the denser emotions we associate with the earth plane such as anger, frustration, and bitterness simply get in the way, making it difficult to access this beautiful space. The new moon reminds us that we literally don't have to strive to get there, or go into battle mode to get the ball rolling, we just have to let this new phase in our life unfold because this beautiful space is our heritage. And a good way to do it is just to be in Nature.

Soak up nature:

The Silence can be a really difficult space to access when you are battling with your emotions and the turbulence of the day, so here's  another suggestion - take time out in the wilderness of nature and experience peace here.. Watch the way life gently unfolds in its own good time. Soak up the vibrancy of all the colours, sights and sounds around you.|Let nature be your Guide. If you have the opportunity, watch new land come into form, whilst the old tumbles into the jaws of the ocean. Recognise the way that nature, including the animal and bird kingdoms just get on and do what they do naturally, without putting themselves through any of the stress that we do. Everytime you let go of something you no longer need in life, you are creating space for the new to come in.

What are you ready to release to ring in the changes?

Observing the natural world brings you back into the present moment:

Observing the world around you brings you back into the present moment, it cuts through all the turmoil quite effortlessly.

Going into the Silence helps you manifest your heart's desire:

Going into the Silence helps us stay on 'Plan', to become the individual we are supposed to become. By observing life's natural ebb and flow, and connecting to the indwelling spirit in this way,  we come to understand that what we have already asked for, IS already present in seed form, and is gently unfolding step by step, stage by stage, as we continue to nurture it. We just have to listen to our intuition echoes through the promptings of nature. We are designed to work with the natural cycles of life..

 The Rose is associated with your Soul's Evolution and the Divine Feminine. Visualise the rose as it grows from seed into full bloom. You will be given many rich insights into your unfoldment.

Places to visit and be in nature in East Anglia

 Among the places we visited are Strumpshaw Fen near Norwich, Minsmere, Dunwich and Whitlingham Broad in Norwich itself. We stayed in Oulton Broad, Suffolk. Oulton Broad is much busier than the other places we visited. Yet, I couldn't believe just how peaceful it was, even though we were tucked away close to the main road and would you believe the railway track?

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  1. How your writing's tranquility gentle draws the reader's mind into a meditative state with your peaceful images of Nature! We become the seed and feel ourselves unfolding. Beautiful. Namaste, Gillian.

  2. I just felt so in tune with your writing, and felt that we are both, in our very different ways, writing about the same things.
    > Daphne