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Ask the Guide - Releasing your fears and the law of Attraction

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Releasing your Fears and the Law of Attraction
Channelled wisdom from the Guide on the journey through life

Question:  I've always believed it's important to express my feelings, especially those from childhood patterning that  might to holding me back.  But surely that means according to the Law of Attraction, I will be attracting more of the same rather than moving to a higher level of awareness.
Self-awareness is the key

Inner Work is a very important part of each individual's journey on Earth, and so it's vital that you know who you are.  So self-awareness is the Key! You are Spirit in a human overcoat, and with this knowledge you are destined to THRIVE rather than just SURVIVE.  This is the jumping off point from all the subsequent work you do.

You are here to thrive, not just survive:
Knowing that you are here to THRIVE rather than SURVIVE
creates an openness in your energetic field.
This openess can attract more abundance  and more joy into your life.  Releasing your sorrow, and coming into the light of a deeper understanding is part of this work. While you are releasing the sorrow and self-limiting belief patterns you are being held in the light.  In your willingness to let go, you are working with the Divine Will, and are therefore in the process of transforming your light to a higher order, and expanding your understanding of self. 

And because you are open to the light

that light is able to express itself through you,

and therefore attract more light and abundance into your life.

Now letting go means you are engaged on a step by step process in partnership with life's natural ebb and flow.  And so, as you continue to release what no-longer serves you, something else is happening - you are coming home to the BEAUTY OF THE SELF!  Self- expression is based on love rather than fear.  Fear inhibits self-expression


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