Friday, 20 July 2012

Readings and the subconscious

I'm really looking forward to giving readings on Saturday, and couldn't resist adding this bonus to the blog I already posted this morning.

I really feel that card readings don't always get the respect they deserve and are very often misunderstood. But they can be so empowering if used properly.  They really do tap into the hidden resources in your sub-conscious mind.

Shuffling the cards

This is a very common mistake people make, and I certainly know when I started this work I was one of them.  How many people shuffle the cards carefully to have one drop at their feet.....and then pop the card straight back into the deck and continue shuffling?

There's no difference really between having a book fall off a shelf with the answer you've been looking for.  So why put the card back without a second glance?

This card could be genuinely the most powerful and potentially transformational card of your entire reading, but its the single most significant thing you are creating a resistance to - the lynch pin to the question you are asking about.

If this happens at home, don't pop it straight back....take some time to work with it.  It has hidden treasures that your subscious is asking you to acknowledge.  Something's bubbling just under your level of awareness and waiting to be recognised.

Take time to journal and meditate around it.  Look at the images you are presented with in the card.  Look beyond the standard meaning.  You will have your own unique take on it and that will be deeply relevant to you.

Develop an intimate and trusting relationship with your cards.  The relationship is all important, so take some time out during your hectic schedule, it really is worth it.

And some more.....I decided to draw an angel card for Saturday and Archangel Chamuel came straight out of the pack.  He helps with life changes and transitions, so that's really significant. Archangel Chamuel will be lighting the day.

Warm Wishes


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