Thursday, 5 April 2012

Magical Moon

Full Moon photo by fotofill

Riding the Wave - watching the Moon

What is it about the moon, and the full moon in particular, that attracts our attention?  There's nothing quite like it's simple majesty - hanging quite effortless in the dark night sky bedecked in sparkling jewels.

The Moon has always been associated with the Divine Feminine Energy and the subconscious mind. Think of your life as a seed that continues to flourish and grow through the seasons of each year, from bud to blossom, fruit and then back to seed once again and so on. Whilst the new moon is associated with new beginnings, the full moon is associated with surrender and letting go.  It's our willingness to release any baggage we may have, be it negative thought forms, emotions or a much more practical decluttering of our house for example that enables us to take the next step forward in our lives.

The Moon: our natural ally

The moon is our natural ally, just like the Sun. Just like the rest of the natural world, we are born to follow life's natural cycles. Adopting the moon as our natural ally helps us do this. We are not meant to stagnate, but move with joy through the seasons of our lives.  The full moon at this time of the year is very powerful and coincides with Easter. Use this energy to let go of what no longer serves you, so that you are preparing the soil for the next step. Prepare for the ride!  Spend a while in the silence of meditation to decide what it is you would like from life. Remember that this energy is very nurturing, so don't try to fight it.  Once we relax, and trust, we swim quite naturally along with the tide and it takes us just where we need to be for the highest possible outcome.

Full Moon Meditation to celebrate Easter

 I have produced a full moon meditation on MP3 for this Easter 2012 that could help you with the process of surrender. So please email me if you would like a free copy

Resistance to natural change stops 'goodness and abundance' from coming to us!

Unfortunately, the thing that holds us back is a fear of the unknown, and because we can't always see where we are headed, we put the brakes on, create resistance which prevents  the goodness from coming to us; this puts us straight into survival mode. From then on in, we can become immerse in fight and struggle trying to stem the tide of change when it is a very natural part of our lives

Remember the energy of the Divine Feminine is very nurturing, loving and supporting, we just have to be willing to let go of the reins and ride the wave of opportunity we are being offered when we follow the natural cycles. Spare a moment this Easter to enjoy the magical of the Full Moon.

Gillian is a writer, medium and workshop facilitator of many years standing.  If you would like details of the new course she is offering on full moon meditation, or would like a copy of the free full moon meditation for Easter then please contact her

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