Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Connecting to the Higher Self with meditation

I'm thoroughly enjoying myself recording and editing a set of meditations for beginners.  Yes editing!  Now I'm certainly no technie, but meditation has given me the confidence at least to try, AND whatsmore enjoy the process. No more screaming at the screen in utter despair!

Meditation teaches us that everyone is a part of the same Universe; we are all connected at the heart level.  So even though we are individuals, we are still One.  But its when we open our hearts through the process of meditation that we begin to really appreciate what a magical universe we live in.

Meditation helps us re-connect to life's natural ebb and flow, and the more I keep up my meditation practise, the thing I am looking for arrives almost as soon as I realise I need it.  How's that for synchronicity?

That's how it was with the recording but more especially the editing.  There are some beautiful programmes out there such as AUDACITY, which can be downloaded for free, but also people like     Tom Evans who has just devised an online course to help people like me who want to produce their own visualisations for the net. A lot of the time the battles in our heads not our hearts, and meditation puts the heart back into our lives.

Margaret Abraham a fellow member of our writing group passed the link onto me in the first place, and I am honoured to be a member of such a wonderful group of like minded people. 

Watch out for the meditations, they will be available shortly

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