Sunday, 14 July 2019

The Circle of Life

Click here  The Circle of Life opening titles to film Lion King

What the Dickens has the forthcoming film, the Lion King, and its title song, 'The Circle of Life', got to do with Tarot, and the Full Moon eclipse? 

Must say can't wait to see the upcoming film version of The Lion King. I'm already booked and hooked! This clip (above) leaves me very emotional. I'll bet I'm not the only one?

Why?  The best films touch us heart and Soul. The Lion King isn't just a  rattling good yarn, it plugs us straight back into themes our ancestors could relate to far back into the mists of time: the experience of life itself. In short its all about life in the raw(roar😉) 

We can experience life in two ways, as individuals, or as Souls. As individuals, we use words to communicate, but as Souls, we communicate at a far deeper level, using the language of Light and Love. . 

When a film or even just this clip touches me as deeply as this, 
it reminds me that I need forge a deeper connection to my Soul. Its like a deep and very emotional longing to get back on track, to remember who I AM, not just as Gillian Holland, but as a Soul too. 

The problem is, its difficult to put into words, because IT IS beyond words. Although we may think we're responding to an inspiring storyline, we're responding to  Soul Speak'. You may find your intuition and your emotions are  really heightened  like mine, when you watch the film or simply this clip. This is a powerful time in Earth's history after all. Plus we're poised on the edge of another full moon eclipse. I think someone was 'in the know' when they chose the release date. 

In effect, the Circle of Life and the longing we're experiencing right now, its about deepening our connection to Source as well as  our Ancestors. So you may find yourself thinking about your lost loved ones, or even your Soul Group. 

Tarot will help you forge a reconnection too. It's packed full of images which underpin all life. The Circle or sphere is the one which speaks to all of us, and my Angel Tarot Pack is full of images of circles and spheres symbolising connection and wholeness. A Tarot Card reading with help to reconnect you to your own Circle of Life. In other words it will help you reconnect to your Souls Purpose, when you are at a cross roads in life or just are feeling a bit lost. 


This is the Queen of Air. You'll see she's holding a sphere or orb in front of her, containing a unicorn  representing clarity of vision and connection to Soul The orb represents wholeness. Here's someone who's really perceptive a powerful lady. She understands stray or negative thinking can dilute the manifestation process. 

I've organised a second Tarot Day for 30th July from 10am through to 4pm, to help you reconnect. It's offered at a knock down rate of £20 for 30mins. (Deposits of £10 to reserve your space. You can Skype, phone or if you're near enough come to my home in Hemel, UK) whatever suits.
Spaces are already disappearing.