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Today's poem is by Ann Bohan, who receives her words directly from Spirit.

Clouds divide in the Sky,
From this world, to the Other Side.
You can look down on me,
But the clouds are all I see.

Hiding behind a cloud up there,
You're looking at me; I can feel your stare!
I hope you like what you see,
My life is going on so busily.

Have I changed, do I look older?
Years have passed since that day,
No longer able to hold you,
No more words to say!

No words can say how thankful
Or grateful I can be
That you were in my life,
How you inspired me.

Love never dies!
This I always knew.
Love never dies,
Because of You.

copyright Ann Bohan 2017

Writer and Poet Sue Williams

Stand up, stand up! Be bold, be strong.
Your talent, on a world stage, truly does belong.
You are a beacon, shining bright,
Birthed to emerge, grow, and shine your inner light!

It is a crime to leave talent, dusty on rickety, hidden shelves,
Set out your stall; allow true expression of your amazing inner selves.
Surely, you will experience some discomfort as you stretch,
Far better than staying a self-defeating, self-pitying little wretch?
Rather, as you experience movement, create life-changing shifts,
You will, newly emboldened, dare to share your gifts!

Life is truly meant for us to live; by our own expression, give
To those, like us, who have sometimes been
Squashed, ignored, or diligently working; self-effacing, behind a screen
Of uniformity; water poured on burning fire,
Quashed down, made damp squib of all passion and desire.

 And, as others bask in your new golden glow,
It helps for them, also to know,
That they have their own miracles to perform,
Whether on a stage, or as more often is the norm,
In their own families and communities, through their daily life and deeds.

Do great work; sow and nurture the seeds
Of positivity, purposefulness and joy,
With which we all entered this world to buoy
Up ourselves and others, to manifest the birth-right of our mothers,
As we mix with friends, many others, who enter into life’s stratosphere.
All add dark and shade, maybe cause us to shed a tear,
Perhaps of joy or sometimes pain,
So, ultimately, of our own truth, understanding we gain.

 Right here and now, we need to show,
Through heartfelt determination, strength of courage,
We all have the power to foster our own abilities, to grow;
Achieve our birth-right to succeed; root out the dreaded weed
That with stranglehold choked down our well intentioned schemes,
Left us struggling with dashed hopes, and broken, once beautiful dreams.
So meaning-full, join us to create,
An interwoven, brilliant picture with which all can relate!
As one voice, stand up and state: “We are here to live mindfully in this life,
We choose creativity, positive intent over unrewarding strife
And as we choose to change how we ourselves perceive,
In our own dreams, our legacy, our power, we truly believe!”

Sue Williams


Sue Williams took early retirement at the age of 51 from her management role in the Civil Service, where she developed career information, advice and guidance services for adults.  She then embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing, which led her to discovering Julia Cameron's 'Morning Pages', a technique for unlocking creative self-expression.  From there, Sue discovered an ability to write poetry.  She was inspired by here own poem Believe! to collate and published two collections of true life stories on the topic of belief, aimed to inspire women. She has also developed a set of Believe oracle cards and an app, and ran her first event for women ' Your Signature Success Story. She will be publishing her first book of poetry in 2017, and is also developing services for women of 50+ to help them succeed on their own terms. Find out more about Sue at

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